God! Help us! Our President is a catastrophe!

Wed, 03/08/2000 - 00:00

Lord, we know You have singled out Filipinos for severe testing.

Why else would You make us inhabit a country parched by the sun and lashed by the seas? A country where the very earth convulses in bloody agony and vomits fire and rocks, where the heavens pour forth floods? A country where ships founder into the deep, aircraft plummet from the blue, poison billows into the sky and the traffic in Manila isn't that great either?

Why else would You in all these years have permitted emissaries from the lower planes to serve as our leaders, allowing these agents to practice their corrupting arts and walk in the unholy radiance of their moral decay?

You have made of our lives a bed of thorns. All these Lord we have accepted as Your will. If suffering is to be our lot we have bowed to that fate, accepting as scant comfort the eternal hope that things will change.

Hear now our lamentation. Must You test us even more? Have we not already endured enough disasters and depravity? Must You load our measure with one more catastrophe?

Must you send us Joseph Estrada to be our President?

Heed our cry of sorrow. Our President is a disaster: he has enshrined sloth, popularity, inebriation, stupidity and a short memory as public virtues. He has held up a national villain as a national hero. He has been loyal to his friends and faithless to his promises. He has forgiven the guilty and pursued the innocent.

Our President is sinking our hopes. He is sinking the economy. He has crashed the stock market. He has antagonized the Muslims, he has antagonized the communist rebels. He has antagonized entire nations: the United States, Malaysia, China, Taiwan.

Of course, Lord, you will probably hear a different story from some Filipinos. Mainly those who work at the Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star and the Journal group of newspapers. Also happy under this dispensation are those who received appointments as consuls abroad that they may spend our money profligately.

But Lord, for the rest of us, the cup of disillusionment runs over. We beseech You. Spare us this catastrophe. We have suffered long. We have labored hard. We have endured years of torment.

Above all, God, You know very well why You should save us.

We obviously can't save ourselves.


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