Deuterium delirium

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reprinted from South China Morning Post, September 2 2004

US president Richard Nixon loved to say that "when the going gets tough, the tough get going". American journalist Hunter S. Thompson had his own version: "When the going gets tough, the weird turn pro." In the Philippines, buffeted by political and economic crises, the weird are turning professional, as strange people scent an opportunity to make money from evil times.

One scheme doing the rounds asserts that there are vast "deposits" of deuterium in the Philippine Deep, created by oceanic pressures and "natural electrolysis". If enough money were raised, pipes could be lowered to suck up the deuterium, allowing it to be used as fuel, earning billions for Filipinos, who would live happily ever after.




First put forward more than 10 years ago by a labour recruiter unable to produce a shred of proof, the scheme is a pseudo-science fraud. There are no "deuterium deposits" in the Philippine Deep - the only deposits the proponents are after are the ones a dupe will make into their bank accounts. Deuterium, a form of hydrogen, does not naturally occur in large quantities anywhere. It is found in extremely minute quantities in water - industrial quantities are extracted using massive electrolysis plants. Deuterium is not a fuel, but a toxic liquid coolant for fission reactors. It is being tested as a power source for fusion reactors, but there is one catch: functional fusion reactors exist only in Star Trek.

Facts have not stopped the growth of what one scientist here called "deuterium delirium". A website has been set up to encourage investment in the project. The latest story mentions mumbo-jumbo calculations involving the Earth's rotational speed to prove the extent and depth of the alleged oceanic deposit.

Among those beguiled are: Senator Aquilino Pimentel, who has promised to bring the subject up for discussion in a committee; and assorted journalists who have written as if deuterium in the Deep is an article of faith. Apparently no reporter has called up any nuclear physicists to check the science. The unlikeliest dupe is the Communist Party: recently, its spokesman, Luis Jalandoni, castigated the government for not exploiting "alternative energy sources" like the deuterium in the Philippine Deep. Perhaps, as many people have suspected, scientific socialism really has elements of comic fantasy.

The whole affair highlights how desperate times breed gullible people. In 1986, Senator Pimentel also supported a "water-fuelled car", which turned out to be a fake. If you believe deuterium deposits lie at the bottom of the Philippine Deep, you are all set to buy green cheese from the moon. Allow me to offer you some at wholesale prices.



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Submitted by SRCC (not verified) on
How can you presume that Deuterium does not really exist in the Philippine Trench?

Submitted by SRCC (not verified) on
One more thing deuterium has natural abundances in ocean depths (according to wikipedia)

Submitted by SRCC (not verified) on
May I suggest before you write any articles you should read something that supports your theory or idea because at the end you are the one who will suffer any consequences because you gave a wrongful information about anything

Submitted by CCRS (not verified) on
@SRCC<br />no no no no you have it all wrong. If you're espousing the idea that deuterium exists in the bottom of the sea in sufficient quantities to mine as fuel -- YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE THEORY TO PROVE. So may I suggest that before you cite nonexiste

Submitted by dado (not verified) on
Deuterium<br />From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia<br />Deuterium, also called heavy hydrogen, is a stable isotope of hydrogen with a natural abundance in the oceans of Earth of approximately one atom in 6500 of hydrogen (~154 PPM). Deuterium thus accounts for approximately 0.015% (on a weight basis, 0.030%) of all naturally occurring hydrogen in the oceans on Earth (see VSMOW; the abundance changes slightly from one kind of natural water to another). Deuterium abundance on Jupiter is about 6 atoms in 10,000 (0.06% atom basis)[1]; these ratios presumably reflect the early solar nebula ratios, and those after the Big Bang. There is little deuterium in the interior of the Sun, since thermonuclear reactions destroy it. However, it continues to persist in the outer solar atmosphere at roughly the same concentration as in Jupiter.<br />The nucleus of deuterium, called a deuteron, contains one proton and one neutron, whereas the far more common hydrogen nucleus contains no neutrons. The isotope name is formed from the Greek deuteros meaning &quot;second&quot;, to denote the two particles comprising the nucleus.[2]

Submitted by efren (not verified) on
I am a mechanical engineer. I am enhancing a water fueled car. I have already verified that hydrogen from water can run a car, used as a means of cooking and means of combustion. If it is not true that hydrogen cannot be used as a fuel how come that there is a hydrogen bomb used before. A bomb is explosion. Deuterium is a heavy hydrogen from water and is use as reactor for energy.Since the same is heavy hydrogen, a big possibility of accumulating in one place can accur and the only place it will be accumulated is the deepest portion of the sea. Philippine deep is the deepest in te world. Think of it.

Submitted by alan on
If what you're saying is true then what are you doing wasting your time posting on this insignificant site? You should be out collecting millions on your water fueled car and earning billions out of deuterium. Of course once you go public, you have to be careful of journalists. They might ask you embarrassing questions such as: prove you're really a mechanical engineer; show your invention; give your scientific proof. If you can't do any of that then they might say you're just another fraud, con artist or lunatic. Just a friendly word of advice

Submitted by efren (not verified) on
allan in the right time I will be going to market my work. This hydrogen fuel is not new. Long time it has been introduced. Take a research and if you are engineer you get an idea. I am taking now my PhD in Mechanical Engineering

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Good Day. There is nothing more dreadful than imagination without taste. I am from France and also now am reading in English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: 'Finding the right book for a book report is the key to successfully be sure to pick a book." With love :-), Vinnie.

Submitted by muammar (not verified) on
To Vinnie, Alan, Efren, Dado, Viatets:<br />Why should I believe you guys? How can you prove to me that you were not paid by the americans in order to mislead, misinform and confuse us filipinos as usually these americans are doing?

Submitted by alan on
@ muammar: nobody is asking you to believe this article. By the same token, why should you believe there's deuterium at the bottom of the Philippine Deep? You can ask scientists about it, you can even Google it, to check the science. Just remember: this s

Submitted by sisi (not verified) on
deuterium or heavy water i've heard from india are the second producer of heavy water and exported it to us,canada and other rich country.

Submitted by alan on
@ sisi: yes that's what wikipedia says. Please note that deuterium as produced is NOT a fuel, it's a moderator in a reactor which itself is fuelled with uranium. One day, when scientists perfect fusion reactors, deuterium will be a fuel.

Submitted by sisi (not verified) on
deuterium kahit totoo itong deuterium or heavy water na to eh geothermal energy we are already the second largest producer in the world it generates 23 percent. and plans to increas capacity of 60 percent by 2013 eh wala namang nang yari ang korente na binabayaran nating mas tumaas pa.itong iron daw the biggest deposit in the world naka deposit sa ang mga revenue dito wala din ang surigaw walang naiiba kahit improvements of roads we are still 30 yrs behind from malaysia and thailand.ang gaganda ng mga roads nila from south to north east and west.siguro hindi pa ipinanganak ang maging magaling na pinono ang ating bangsa sino kaya yon.

Submitted by alan on
@ sisi: Tama ka. Second largest geothermal energy user ang Pilipinas. Ang dahilan sa pagkataas ng electricity rates natin (second only to Japan) ay walang kinalaman sa kakulangan ng energy source. Pure market economics. Dine-regularize ng Aquino at Ramos

Submitted by batman (not verified) on
anu isusuggest nyung universal solution sa lahat ng crisis?

Submitted by Jeff (not verified) on
if oil supply will be disappear in 100 years., what will be the source of minerals to be collected in the next generation., i know this deuterium can solve this problem., but used it correctly., no corruption., cause more politicians in Philippines are corrupted., i hope in next generation it will not happen.., thnks Mabuhay ang Pilipinas

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Submitted by mazim (not verified) on
How Much Heavy Water?<br />Cold fusion with palladium requires heavy water (deuterium oxide). Cold fusion with nickel appears to work as well with ordinary water as with heavy water. I expect nickel will become the dominant cathode material, in which case the fuel cost will be as close to zero as any fuel imaginable. Even heavy water fuel would be cheap. Heavy water costs about $1000 per kilogram retail, even though it is ubiquitous (it is 1 part in 6000 in every drop of water on earth). It is expensive because a lot of energy is required to separate it from ordinary water, and because demand is limited, so new separation technologies have not been developed.6 But you get a fantastic amount of energy out of a fusion reaction. Even at $1000 per kilogram, heavy water would be thousands of times cheaper than oil. In a heavy water cold fusion economy, a fraction of a percent of the fuel would have to be recycled to keep the heavy water separation plants working, whereas today 7% of oil goes to refinery use and loss.7 There are some indications that the cathode metal itself plays a role in the reaction. It may be transmuted, in which case it would be used up. A cold fusion reactor may require new metal from time to time, the way a fission reactor requires new uranium. Palladium and nickel are cheaper than uranium, and all three produce energy cheaper than oil does. <br />How much heavy water would it take to run the world economy, and what byproducts would it produce? Let us assume that cold fusion works like plasma fusion (hot fusion), converting deuterium into helium and releasing energy. Actually, it is probably more complicated than hot fusion, but broadly speaking it releases energy on the same scale, with roughly the same amount of fuel, and it does produce helium. Worldwide annual production of all fuels, converted to an equivalent mass of oil, equals approximately 6.8x1013 kilograms of oil.8,9 This produces 2.7x1015 megajoules (at 40 megajoules per kilogram). A kilogram of heavy water contains 200 grams of deuterium. Converted to helium in a d-d fusion reaction, this produces 1.2x108 megajoules, with 1.3 grams of matter annihilated.10 Thus, present world energy needs could be met with 2.3x107 kg of heavy water, or ~24,000 metric tons. Actually, as I pointed out above, Carnot efficiency is likely to improve with cold fusion, so less fuel will be needed. Byproducts would include 18,800 tons of free oxygen and 4,700 tons of helium. Thirty tons of mass would be annihilated, the same amount we lose today with chemical fuel, which also obeys Einstein's mass-energy equivalence law. To put it another way, a kilogram of heavy water has as much potential energy as 2.9 million kilograms of oil. The earth has ~2x1013 metric tons of heavy water,11 enough to last 851 million years at this rate, and there is plenty more in Rings of Saturn and elsewhere in the solar system. <br />mazim

Submitted by ed (not verified) on
deuterium is a doubt about it.there is fuel under the deep sea and it is methane hydrates or gas hydrates.the problem is how to harvest it. ever heard of saint elmo's fire?there is deuterium in water but scammers are more abundant.

Submitted by sagot (not verified) on
is engr. dingle water fueled car a fraud? I believe the idea and the invention of engr. dingle the problem of U.S. and oil producing country is how to handle their economy and investment if nobody will buy their oil because oil is the best political tool to control the developing countries

Submitted by site (not verified) on
What's up, I log on to your blogs daily. Your humoristic style is witty, perfect for my spamistic style. keep it up!

Submitted by alan on
@ sagot. Yes it's a fraud. It's not even a NEW fraud. More than a hundred years ago, an American scamster claimed he could power a steamship across the Atlantic using just a bucket of water

Submitted by joebert (not verified) on
yap tama kau guys na mrun deuterium deposit d2 sa pinas , kaso lng walng aksyon ang gobyerno ntn, ito na ang daan para gminhawa tau,

Submitted by sciencegeek (not verified) on
wow. &quot;MAZIM&quot; is so fucking smart. he even made the effortt of calculating various science stuffs :))

Submitted by kitz (not verified) on
its just a nightmare, y? maunahan kaya ang mga briton o kano kung miron man? wat do u think?

Submitted by outerspace (not verified) on
Please do more research to complete your negative notion about deuterium. The U.S. government and Canada are using deuterium for their cars, plane, etc...<br />Let science to explain not the traditional politicians.

Submitted by alan on
@outerspace - the americans and candians are using deuterium for their cars and planes? Do you happen to have, for instance, any EVIDENCE of this? Or did this "fact" come from the same place as your name?

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Submitted by Arnie Jeyk (not verified) on
water fuelled car was not a fake... it was killed as it will kill the oil rich countries and players all arround the world. The US manipulates everything in this era... as it aims to consume all the oil deposits specially in the middle east (around 50 years from now)... by then they shall resurrect the water fuelled car...

Submitted by alan on
@Arnie -- let's take it one at a time:<br />1. if the water fueled car was real, where is your proof?<br />2. the water-fueled car -- claimed by Daniel Dingle -- had NOTHING to do with deuterium<br />3. Daniel Dingle was exposed as a fake in 1987<br />I h

Submitted by francis (not verified) on
&quot;Deuterium is not a fuel, but a toxic liquid coolant for fission reactors.&quot;<br />well, you said that... who do you think you are? a scientist? read this:<br />

Submitted by alan on
I read it long before you did, Einstein. Did you read it at all? If you have, might you recall seeing words &quot;fuel&quot; and &quot;Philippine Deep&quot; anywhere in the Wikipedia article? No? I didn't think so. Now, read the article above again. Deuterium is a fuel for FUSION reactors. Except that fusion reactors haven't been built yet

Submitted by Spine (not verified) on
I recommend you guys to analize this: Alan's comment will remain his opinion because he did not establish his authority to comment on the subject, and so is Francis'. Most people argue with other people to establish &quot;they being correct&quot;, the most common sign was the guy asking question, can you show the proof? Proof even it if is present and we are looking at it, if you have bias and prejudice are not easy to believe. Long time ago when somebody said &quot;the world is round (or argue, it is elliptical)&quot;, there were probably thousand of comments. Comments designed to disaggree instead of asking the question &quot;how?&quot; and thus we learn.<br />I have read a lot about deuterium from many information sources, it's natural presence in the deep, the use of deuterium as coolants and possibly for fuel in fusion reactors. Even the experts have varying positions on these, and they have proof or mathemathical models to support their claims, both pros and cons.<br />I have seen Dingle's water-fueled car when I was in college during an exibit and read recently it is still driven until today. Dingle has also a website or a webpage which, if you are interested you can visit. I have also read before what has Alan commented on the water-fueled car.<br />What I want to say is, if we want to learn (which is supposed to be the porpuse of opening this blog) we have to have an open eyes, mind and ears. And lastly, because in science things are dynamic. He can be wrong and you are correct or reverse, or both of you could be correct, also both of you could be wrong.

Submitted by alan on
@Spine - you're correct, it's my opinion and it shall stay that way. The only question is, how well informed is it? In your three wordy paragraphs you state YOUR opinion, but in all that verbiage, you've done nothing to produce anything by way of proof, o

Submitted by Rodolfo G. Cruz (not verified) on
&quot;Ako'y pilipino na gustong tumulong sa ikakaunlad ng mga pilipino na ang taging paraan lamang para tayo ay umasinso ay itong Deuterium kung paano natin ma mimina. Sa aking pagkakaalam kun makakakita tayo ng lugar sa deep sea trench ng deuterium sa surigao ay puwedi tayong magladlad ng pipe na bukas ang tulo na di magalaw ang tubig sa ilalim kapag inulubog mo sa tubig na ang lalim ay 30,000 ft or more ang pressure ng tubig sa lood at labas ng pipe ay equal dahil sa bukas ang dulo nito kaya di ito sasabog ngayon para maitaas ang mabigat ng tubig o deuterium ay maglalagay tayo ng submersible pump sa dulo ng pipe at another submersible pump uli sa susunod na +/- 300 ft and another +/-300 ft and so on and so on,so on ,so on hanggang maiakyat sa itaas ang deuterium. Ngayon maaring nagkamili ako pero ang idea ay naroon na posible na mayroon pa mas magandang paraan pero sa ang idea na ito naroon na ang principles siguro puwedi ng pagtulungan ng mga kaisipan ng mga pilipino scientist ang aking idea at puwedi pa rin ako makatulong na improve ito priciple na ito.&quot;

Submitted by Potpot (not verified) on
It's not how we harvest that Deuterium the real issue is, it's will the economic monsters such as America, Europe, China etc. who gain a lot from Oil in the middle east, allow us to have such advantage. For sure they know that if Pilipinoes will have a grab on such, we will be not under Americans, that's why they are doing everything, even evil doings, to block brave pilipinoes like Marcos and Erap, they want those Pilipinoes who can be their under dogs. As long as our leaders fear those monsters, there's no growth on this country that will ever happen. Pilipinoes are great people, inventing, discovering, creating something will help the whole country, it just that, the country itself don't want to support those Pinoys. :(

Submitted by jeff (not verified) on
water-fuelled car is not a fake. lot of american engineers, scientist or even automotive mechanics and electrician tested this theory. i also verified and tested in my lab to be true. some people do not believe especially caltex and shell, etc.

Submitted by Read up about t... (not verified) on
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Submitted by Rae (not verified) on
Jupiter has more deuterium than earth. Maybe the Philippines can manufacture a space craft to harvest 2H (deuterium) there. Senator Aquilino Pimentel and Luis Jalandoni can work on this project together. Really.


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