Let's play Bingo Arroyo!

Mon, 04/09/2007 - 00:00

Is your blood pressure rising again? Are you choking into your coffee? You're probably reading the newspaper or watching the news on TV. Isn't it about time you did something about all these negative vibrations and destructive impulses?

Now, you can kick back and play this great new game. It's easy!

  1. Just print out the yellow playing card below.

  2. Those are old charges
    Back on track
    Let us work together
    No whitewash
    Get on board
    Speedy investigation
    Genuine electoral reforms
    The people's will
    Genuine political reforms
    Charter change
    Moral high ground
    Our respect for human rights
    That's just politicking
    Concern for the poor
    Constitutional process
    Fundamental change
    Good governance
    Failed conspiracy
    We need to move forward
    Our constitutional democracy
    Strong Republic

  3. Armed with your playing card and a pencil, park yourself in front of your TV, or beside a radio and wait for the President or her spokesman to deliver a speech or give a press conference

  4. Everytime you hear him or her say one of the words or phrases in your playing card, mark it with an X

  5. The instant you get five crossed-out squares horizontally, vertically or diagonally, stand up and shout "BULLSHIT!"

Modesty aside, we think this game could prove so popular that soon, cries of "BULLSHIT" will be heard throughout the country


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I don't get it

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jueteng pa rin

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