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We launched Hot Manila in March 2000 and have never looked back, except to see if see somebody was following us. Or if we dropped something.

Since its publication, Hot Manila has logged visitors from all over the world, including mainstream media companies such as BBC, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Daily Telegraph, AP, and USA Today. KQED radio station in California phoned for a couple of interviews and Voice of America did for a lot more until it became obvious it was trying to use me as a free stringer. When I brought that up the interviews abruptly stopped. The Sunday Editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote in asking permission to reprint one of my articles on Iraq; one Hot Manila cover story was even circulated via email by the communist National Democratic Front (gulp).

Over the years, readers have written in with all sorts of remarks. Below are a few of them, chosen for conciseness, brevity and the fact that they say nice things. Supportive comments like these will fuel our continued (admittedly somewhat sporadic) efforts to pursue answers to the great, vexing questions: is reform possible in this land? Is the Philippines a weird country? Will this site ever make money? (Maybe, yes, you've got a bloody hope, respectively).

- Alan C. Robles

“Hotmanila is similar in some ways to satirical magazines like Britain’s Private Eye or France’s Canard Enchaîné. It’s always got funny articles in it (well, they make me laugh)"
- Torn and frayed in Manila

“Journalist Alan C. Robles has been writing political humor in newspapers for nearly 20 years, but his foray into the web has allowed him to use graphics and photographs – with hilarious results”
- Sheila Coronel, Ramon Magsaysay Awardee and director, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism

"I enjoyed the articles--the wit, the irreverence, and the different way you're able to articulate what decent and independent-minded Filipinos would want to say but don't have the outlet for their opinions"
- Miriam Grace A. Go, assistant managing editor, Newsbreak

“If its initial issue is any indication of what it will offer in the future, "Hot Manila" is bound to set the Web on fire”
-Pinoy Parody Online, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism

“Probably the only site that more than makes up for the dismal lack in political humor in light of current events is journalist Alan C. Robles's online tabloid Hot Manila. Hot Manila is clear in its stand and has a good grasp of issues. It is also well-researched, and obviously well thought out.”
- Katrina Stuart Santiago in “Pinoy Political Humor: Where Has All The Laughter Gone?” iReport magazine, Nov-Dec 2005

I'm loving HOT MANILA. I'm sure we can collaborate on something soon.
More power!
- Armand Frasco, Pinoycentric.com

Wow! I can't believe you're doing all the stuff! Actually I can ... but it is still mindblowing. Keep it up!
- Ken Ilio, Tanikalang Ginto

"This is very good,very audacious journalism, and it's a pleasure to read. We only hope you have a profound effect on local matters and that you realize your dreams, get your country back on track. Obviously you all are a lot of good people."
- Rick Downes and John Cattelin, radsoft.net

"A sharp and witty website. well done"
- Simon Ponsford, BBC World Service News Programmes

"You are now our beloved resident satirist on the web"
- Sylvia Mayuga

"A pity i'm a latecomer to your site,but nevertheless i immensely enjoy your articles and i applaud the bravery and diligence required to write them.Please do not stop in exposing these criminals and their deeds.Criminals of the worst kind...the serial offenders,the Filipino Politician and their families"
- Larry Martinez

"Damn, i thought this was a porn site"
- nationof [email protected]




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