Sweet revenge: scammed scammers

Mon, 04/09/2007 - 00:00
419 eater


by Alan Robles

Most of us would love to see scamsters jailed, but if that isn't going to happen, we may as well settle for seeing them ridiculed.

In an online sport that one site calls "Bait A Mugu", the goal is to respond to a scam letter, play along with the criminals, and persuade them to do a variety of bizarre acts: carve and mail (at their expense) weird sculpture; photograph themselves posing with a giant fish, or standing on their heads, or holding placards with inane messages.

It's all part of how people are responding to the growth of online scams. In one case a victim actually turned the tables, scammed the scammers and wound up with more than $30,000 in his account. Another person has chosen to dramatize a typical scam letter in an amateur video.

The most popular response, scambaiting, arose when some people got tired of seeing their inboxes clogged with tons of advanced fee fraud letters. As one of the sites says, "why should scammers have all the fun?"

Scamster, you've been pwned

Because it involves playing on a criminal's greed and gullibility, it's in effect a scam in the opposite direction. For those with a lot of time in their hands, it's also a game which could last months, and where trophies -- the entire email exhange plus humiliating photos -- are gleefully posted online for the world to see.

This isn't a game everyone can, or should, play. If all you're interested in is a sober discussion of the 419 scam and your options, you should just visit the 419 Coaliton and read its checklist on how to deal with scammers.

But if you want to play scammers at their own game, be aware of precautions you should take. First, never use your personal email address -- create a new one for baiting. If that new address doesn't get any scam proposals, just use it to respond to the usual fraud mail you get on your personal account. Do not cut and paste the original message, just reply to the email address the crook used.

Second, make sure the crook you're targeting lives far away -- preferably in another continent. It would be very bad for your health if he happened to be staying in the same neighborhood. Don't know how to do this? Maybe you shouldn't be scambaiting at all.

Third, be prepared to spend a lot of time being creative. Remember, you don't want to give the crook a single penny, you want him to do all the spending and degrade himself in the process. By the way, you can annoy scammers by this simple trick: respond to their mail by saying you've attached a copy of your bank statement in your response (actually don't attach anything). You'll get a response saying there was nothing attached. Fire back a reply questioning the crook's intelligence (be short and graphic). This always makes them angry.

If you want tips, help and anecdotes on scambaiting, try the following sites:

  1. 419 Eater
  2. Bait a Mugu
  3. 419 Baiter
  4. Scamorama
  5. What's the Bloody Point?



Submitted by mohamed (not verified) on
The topic is a Franchise Scam &quot;Out of African&quot; in Thailand and now in the Philippines. These con artists have made hundreds of thousands getting Franchise Fees and upfront fees for for &quot;Out of Africa&quot; Franchises. <br />I am a Muslim businessman recently relocated to Manila. I became interested in the &quot;Out of Africa&quot; Franchise and Michael Halgreen when I learned he was a member of the South African Group that killed a young Muslim Girl in Manila when she tried to expose their Franchise Scam. She was the girlfriend of South African Christo Daniels. Christo Daniels has been Michael Halgreens partner scams in Thailand for many years. Info on my blog: http://asiascams.wordpress.com/.<br />My information comes from Manila TV Stations, Manila Newspapers, personal conversations with Manila Investigators and a personal conversation with a Disillusioned South African that personally knows Michael Halgreen. <br />Michael Halgreen is a very dangerous man that was a member of the South African Special Forces. He and some other South Africans formed &quot;Out of Africa&quot;, a franchise group that lost many investors money in Thailand, Manila and Cebu.(See my blog and the comments in the Sun Star article. They were run out of Thailand, and then killed a Muslim girl in Manila. Two of his South African partners were forced to leave the Philippines leaving him alone here to make money for his partners by again selling Franchises, (&quot;Out of Africa&quot;), like they did in Thailand. Google the information that he gave the Sun Star, and it is obvious that they are the lies of a Con Man. <br />Please send information to my blog if you have any information on Michael Halgreen or where he is now operating in the Philippines so we can warn people.

Submitted by Michael a casten (not verified) on
There is one guy by the name of Jeremy fortone who is also doing this scam u can him in facebook

Submitted by Nadine (not verified) on
I know for a fact that Mr Christo Daniels is currently in South Africa, he had a restaurant in Pretoria East that he fraudulantly selled to a unsuspecting Zimbawain. I have Christo's mobile number in SA as well as hes girlfriend...+27832767688 and +27798795684. We believe he is now trying to open a new restaurant in Milnerton in Cape Town. I can tell you hooror stories of how he sold this business, after it was blacklist and then still tell our suppliers how he still owns it. He also kept control of the bank account wherein all credit card transations were paid and then transfered those monies into all kinds of other accounts. He also cancelled our telephone system, tried to cancel our electricity, rental contracts and so on....hope you can in some way get a hold of this man and his sidekicks and bring him to justice!!!!

Submitted by catch em (not verified) on
Christo is currently running a restaurant called Fish Shack in the paddocks in Milnerton

Submitted by Christo the cro... (not verified) on
Christo is scamming again from his restaurant in Milnerton - suppliers and staff are not being paid and a stream of lies is all that comes out his mouth.

Submitted by Fishy (not verified) on
I've been doing some extensive research on christo daniels as I am an unfortunate individual who ended up working for him. <br />I figured you might need information on where he is. He has now opened a new franchise group called Fish Shack CC and they are based in Milnerton, Cape town, South africa. His direct address for the restaurant is Shop 17 + 18, Paddocks Centre, cnr Racecourse and Marine Drive, Milnerton, Cape town, South africa 7441. His new south african cell number also is +27832767688 and the landline to the restaurant is +2721 5522736.<br />hope this helps!

Submitted by Pretoria east (not verified) on
I know this man or let me re phrase i thought i knew him. Shocking stuff i read here bubbled also proves my suspicions i had. He now owns a pub in wekker street, moreletta park, pretoria. its called mavericks pub and grill. Dont know him well but he seemed to be a nice man. Well any onboard loking for him hope u find him

Submitted by Xiomara (not verified) on
I know this man, ive bn workn for him from the first of aug till 31, but up to now he havent paid me, and ive been workn long hrs @ his new restaurant in moreleta mavericks pub and grill in wekker street. Im going to report him to ccma tommorow, i wish him dead

Submitted by identity theft ... (not verified) on
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