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  1. RECONCILIATION. The Marcoses hadn't even been gone a month when pseudo religious allies of Cory Aquino started clamoring for "reconciliation." They forced a halt to the airing of anti-Marcos propaganda, as well as videos detailing the Marcos' crimes. This eagerness to reconcile amazed the Marcos stooges and cronies who hadn't succeeded in fleeing the country and had gone into hiding, cowering with fear. At first they reacted with suspicion, then when they realized the new government really was that, er, thick, they came out in the open, started swaggering and in a matter of months, Marcos' allies had reconstituted themselves into a political party. Within a few years, Imelda had flown back from exile and the biggest cronies had reasserted their hold on their ill-gotten wealth. The revolutionary government also failed to create a Truth Commission which would have brought out the crimes and barbarities committed by the military and police during Martial Law. Instead these were covered up. Officers involved in tortures and, later, murderous coup attempts, escaped justice and went on to become senators and congressmen. When you offer to reconcile with crocodiles, make sure you remove their teeth first.
  2. JUSTICE. In 1986 the Philippine revolutionary government, enthusiastically supported by the public, could have used its powers to go after notorious Martial Law butchers, torturers and thieves and make drastic examples of them. Instead it chose to follow "due process" within the political context of a country that was busy restoring cacique power. In short order it became "business as usual." The government created a special body to track and recover the Marcos' ill-gotten wealth. The Marcoses and their cronies were charged with multiple counts of human rights violations. Despite mountains of evidence, and hundreds of filings, the cases bogged down in decadesof litigation. The Philippine government decided to sue the Marcos couple in the US, and lost, partly because the Swiss banks declined to cooperate in revealing the dictator's stashed wealth. In a local case, the one time that Imelda Marcos looked like she was going to jail, the Supreme Court let her off the hook, allegedly because of her age. Nobody has been punished for the crimes of the 14-year Marcos dictatorship. To show how far things have deteriorated: in 2010 one commissioner of the body supposed to be running after the Marcos loot suddenly warbled that the Marcoses were extremely wealthy and would only share their riches with friends, so it was better to be friends with them. Looking back, it would have been better if the revolutionary government had shown it meant business by immediately seizing and punishing a few big fish without having to wait for the traditional, corrupt justice system to wheeze into action.
  3. REMEMBRANCE. Filipinos born the year Marcos was chased out of the country are now 25 years old. Very few of them -- and the ones born after them -- know the specific crimes committed by the dictator, or the reign of fear and oppression he created. The revolutionary government

    Typical traditional diehard Marcos loyalist (drool edited out)

    forgot, or wasn't strong enough, to put the long, long list of crimes of the Marcoses in the schoolbooks and the history books. The consequence is that the ranks of old, traditional diehard Marcos loyalists have now been bolstered by thousands of young Filipinos who believe the Marcoses are not only innocent, but they're also cool. Never having lived under a regime where anyone could be arbitrarily picked up, imprisoned in a secret cell in a military camp, tortured, and sometimes murdered -- in fact, quite unable to imagine it -- a generation of Filipinos is now ready to believe Marcosian lies. For example, according to Marcos junior: "Some of these people that are claiming they are human rights victims have never been victims of anything except their own greed." It's an uninformed generation that will support Marcos junior's political ambitions. The lesson: don't erase the tyrant from memory, far from it: make sure the dictator's crimes and infamy live on in schoolbooks and lessons.

  4. DISMANTLING. Every dictatorship is sustained by a political machine composed of flunkies, sycophants, clients, bureaucrats, civil servants. The older the dictatorship the deeper this machine goes into society. You don't have to fire and replace every member but at least make sure you take down the bits that will perpetuate the dictator's memory and facilitate a comeback. In our case the government failed to reform the educational system and instruct teachers: Marcos martial law propaganda in the schools went unanswered. A generation of schoolchildren grew up ignorant of the republic's blackest period. The judiciary was largely left alone, it would have been better if most judges had been fired or retired. As it was, the tainted justice system helped sustain victory after victory of the Marcoses and their cronies. Also, the government sat apathetically as the Marcos family brought home the remains of the dictator, and insisted the cadaver would stay above ground on display in a museum until space is made for it in the National Heroes' Cemetery. The gruesome corpse of Marcos is a malodorous, fetid reminder of just how unfinished the 1986 uprising is.


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Your article is full of crap. Make sure the lies on your &quot;RECONCILIATION&quot; tab are not misconstrued as facts because you sure as hell lack verification.<br />Show us proof and verification of your timeline. I can very well remember that it took YEARS for the Marcoses to come back to the Philippines you idiot. 25 years was all CORY's term. There was no reconciliation - there was an OLIGARCHY full of Cory's circle of OLIGARCHS and FEUDAL lords. <br />You are ridiculous.

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everything this a**hole wrote above is full of unverified claims. He is trying to justify his role in history - his role in the demise of what once was a great nation. His role for being one of the stupid &quot;few&quot; that made the Philippines fall. That betrayal lead to fall of the Philippines in 1986. It was an EMPTY victory - it doesn't even come close to Egypt's and Tunisia. The event is similar to EDSA but the cause is more substantial than what happened in the Philippines. EDSA was a senseless revolution purely created to bring down a great leader so the Philippines can pave way for other economies to prevail. The Filipinos were duped and the EDSA protesters allowed themselves to be used. What a bunch of &quot;morons&quot;.

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Dear Commenter Who Posted Two Separate Comments Without Being Brave Enough To Use A Name Not Because You're A Coward Of Course Not: are you foaming at the mouth just about now? OK, be so kind as to introduce yourself: a Marcos loyalist, totally immune to truth, full of blind love for his rotting idol, and hatred for anyone who dares to tell the truth about his boyfriend. PS - if you're looking for facts about your mummified boyfriend's crimes, this site is full of them. Oh, wait, I forgot: you're not looking for facts

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I'm not an "idiot" like you- idiots mistake "stupidity" as courage. You don't know understand what &quot;facts&quot; mean. Name a single fact that is actually verified by credible sources other than &quot;Pulse Asia&quot;- a Cory-affiliated/biased polling agency that is full of &quot;fabricated&quot; data.<br />Show me factual evidence that your claims &quot;actually&quot; happened other than your compilation of heresays, and fabricated stories. I don't have to be a Marcos loyalist in order to see how unfounded your claims are. I don't have to be a genius to know how full of crap your claims are.<br />You are nothing but an idiot claiming to know &quot;something&quot; when it is obvious you know nothing. Mahiya ka naman!

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@ &quot;I'm not an idiot&quot;.<br />&quot;name me&quot;, &quot;show me&quot; -- are you actually ordering me about? I think you've gotten into this Marcos dictatorial vibe too deeply.<br />You're demanding that I use any source that doesn't criticize Mar

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@Josemaria, I try to update when I can. The main articles take a lot of time to research - contrary to the howls of the Marcos and Gloria loyalists

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Ah.......Alan,Do You Think Gloria Cheated in The Elections?

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@Josemaria: The things that happened in the 2004 elections certainly look very very suspicious. What do you think?

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I was Younger Then,but Little I Knew Something was Going To Be Bigger and It Did Happen!

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