Marcoses will just wait for all Martial Law victims, witnesses to die off

Mon, 09/02/2013 - 03:24

The Marcos family has unveiled a new strategy for dealing with its numerous victims and critics: wait for them to die off.

"We've decided that apart from lying about and denying all their accusations, we will basically outlive all those stupid people", said Marcos flunky Benedicto Maligno, chief of the PR consultancy firm Mordor Enterprises, Pte.

He revealed the strategy to this reporter on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law. On September 21, 1972, Ferdinand Marcos illegally imposed military rule, plunging the country into a 14-year savage dictatorship that saw thousands killed and many thousands more illegally jailed and tortured. The dictator and his cronies plundered the country - the Marcos family's stolen wealth alone is estimated at US$10 billion. By the time Marcos and family were chased out of the country in 1986, the country's economy, political structure and institutions were in shambles.

"Aw, who cares all about that crap", Maligno shrugged, as he inhaled cocaine. "The best thing is to just deny it, know what I mean?"

He admitted this was difficult because millions of Filipinos who suffered and survived Martial Law presented a "big problem."

"They're definitely inconvenient. If this were still Martial Law, we'd just salvage them, but now, that kind of approach poses difficulties..

"That is why we decided on 'Oplan Antay Patay.' Just do the math: those Filipinos who were 10 to 20 years old in 1972? They're now in their 50s and 60s. Give them 25 years tops and they'll be dead. No more problem!"

When his attention was called to the fact that many of the Marcoses and their cronies would themselves also be dead by then, Maligno smiled and replied: "You really think so? Look at Imelda. And Enrile. And Tatad - they have special incantations over at the CBCP to keep him alive, although his soul probably died a long time ago."

The outwait plan, as Maligno termed it, will complement the Marcoses' ongoing projects to scrub history.

"We're outsourcing our propaganda efforts to cheap, semi-literate Facebook groups like Showbiz Government, Antipinoy and GRP. We also have that animation company, Pinoy Monkey Pride. They're doing a good job keeping the youth ignorant."

Maligno said "Oplan Antay Patay will take care of the older people. And think of the payoffs - the Marcoses still face numerous charges of plunder and human rights violations, all of these will disappear when the victims die.

"The goal is not just to bury Ferdinand Marcos in the Heroes' Cemetery and see his son elected president. The goal is to make sure the Marcos dynasty once more owns the country. And the beautiful thing is if election and another Martial Law don't work? No problem! By the time all the people who remember Martial Law are dead, the interest in the loot the Marcoses stole will allow the family to BUY the country."

Maligno said that "everyone will once again know the true meaning of that powerful Marcos motto - 'the Filipino is worth stealing from.' "



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