Who's your laundrywoman?

Sat, 08/20/2005 - 00:00
Aling Otik

Hot Manila's ten reasons why you wouldn't want Gloria to be your labandera:

1. Will spend a lot of time talking to mysterious people on her cellphone

2. Might launder something other than your clothes

3. Won't be punctual: she'll keep you jueteng

4. Will appoint her son as her official labandera assistant and charge you P50,000 for it

5. Will bring along Rigoberto Tiglao, Ricardo Saludo and Gabriel Claudio, and while she's busy talking on the cellphone they'll distract you and tell you how your labandera is working hard to fight poverty and how all economic programs are on track

6. When you're not looking, she'll try to bury Ferdinand Marcos in your backyard

7. If she apologizes she won't mean it

8. She'll boss you around and you'll end up doing the laundry

9. Then she'll claim credit for it

10. And will refuse to be fired


Submitted by tristanism (not verified) on
You forgot about Doronilla. <br />Every week, he'll tell you why the other labanderas suck -- and he'll call it analysis.

Submitted by tristanism (not verified) on
Ooh, august 20 pa pala ang article. hehe.<br />But you know, Gloria never goes out of style.

Submitted by maricel pangili... (not verified) on

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