Understanding the Imelda issue

Fri, 07/11/2014 - 18:28
It seems lots of people don't get why the appearance of Imelda Marcos in Ateneo caused a public outcry, forcing the university president to apologize. We've prepared a short Q&A to explain the issues.
What's the big deal being angry about Imelda speaking in Ateneo?
It was tantamount to mass rape victims inviting their rapist over for socials and tea.
Did you say "rapist"?
Sorry we probably meant "monster."
Imelda was one of the donors of a scholarship fund. How should the school have reacted?
The correct response should have been to picket or boycott, or shout slogans, or shun Imelda like a leper.
But she was a guest!
Did it occur to anybody that having officials sit next to a klepto-looter and smile for photos, and then letting students take grinning selfies might, you know, send the wrong message? No? Also she was allowed to deliver a speech.
What's wrong with that?
Have you ever heard a vintage Imelda "cosmic hole in the sky that can stop missiles" speech? It will fry your neurons, pop your eyes and shrivel your intestines all at the same time. Your mind will go on extended leave. Imelda speeches were a torture device during Martial Law.
So what do you want to happen, you want Imelda BANNED from Ateneo and speaking? Isn't that censoring the Marcoses?
We're not censoring the Marcoses, we're ostracizing them.
"Ostracizing"? What's that? Sounds like "osterizing". You want to BLEND them?
Heavens, no. Anyway it's probably impossible to find a blender Imelda's size.
Then explain this "ostracizing"
It means making Imelda and the other Marcoses feel they're not wanted. That we know they killed thousands of Filipinos, imprisoned and tortured thousands more, stole at least 10 billion dollars which they stashed abroad. That they're liars, con artists, thugs, cheats with the morals of mountain bandits, the effluvium of history, a collective foul excrescence, a rancid stench from the darkest recesses of the earth.
Anything else?
Other than those things they're OK
Hey wait a minute, I hear other stories. Didn't Martial Law accomplish some things?
Yes, massacre and torture rates were up. The country had a surge in corpses and cadavers. During Martial Law the daily currency exchange rate was roughly one million pesos for every Marcos.
Weren't there other accomplishments?
Imelda singehandedly -- or double-footedly -- sustained the world's shoe industry. The fake war medals business flourished.
I just read some lifestyle writers praise Imelda for her fashion and style
Yes  Imelda showed the world how it's possible to strive for fashion and style using nothing but common sense and plundered billions. Also, sad to say, some lifestyle editors have IQs lower than the dresses they write about.
Why is this all about Imelda, what about her husband Ferdinand?
Oh, he's in the town of Batac in a crypt, doing what he's always done best.
What is that?


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